Streetart Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires – City of Art

During the last weeks walking through this beautiful city, i recognized that some of its beauty is related to a fact which i am often missing back in germany: Beautiful coloured painted walls. i mean artworks, thoughout the whole city, from the brightest places to the darkest streets – not just graffiti, the mayority without any writing or even sign.

After the first week i started to picture some of them and on the last week we visited an event called „meeting of styles“ where the best streetartists all over the world came toghether in BSAS to beautify an old industrial neighboorhood. Most of this artwork has an extend of more than 4 meters, thats a fact, which is hardly visible on the pictures.

But enjoy yourself, this is a little selection of the ones i’d liked the most.

2 thoughts on “Streetart Buenos Aires

  1. Die Schildkröte is mein Favorit! Ist das mit der Streetart da „erlaubt“? Sieht halt alles voll professionell und organisiert aus, wie die Damen da mit ihren Utensilien am helllichten Tag die Wände verschönern.

    1. die waren alle sooo riesig, und das was du da siehst war so eine art streetart event „meeting of styles“ bei dem die besten streetartist der welt nach bsas kommen und ein viertel verschoenern fuer 5 tage! unfassbar, man sieht eben oft nicht wie gross die alle waren

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