Back on Land



„Life is not measured by the numbers of breath you take, but by the numbers of moments that take your breath away“

If this saying is true, it seems that we just doubled these rare moments.
Antarctica – This is really the end of the world. Still not really influenced by men, is it depending on its roghness and belonging to its wildlife.

We got back on land today, happy but tired and still struggeling from the hard moving ship – now seems like the earth is swinging under my feet.

Since we got as far south as possible we will make our way up north now. Due to high imbalanced bank accounts, travelling will change from luxury boat cruises with 5-course meals to hitchhiking and couchsurfing with toast and onions served everyday.

Ill be working on a the Antarctica Travel Journey the next days, lots of fotos to review.
Here are some first impressions:



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